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Our company started as an Insurance Restoration Contractor. Over the last fourteen years, we have focused on servicing the needs of homeowners looking to prep a home for sale or make after purchase renovations. Todays market demands a home to be virtually flawless to get top dollar.

The most important question a homeowner who is preparing their current home for sale can ask is “How will a prospective buyer view this home?” By putting yourself in the prospective buyer’s shoes, the homeowner can cast a critical eye on the condition of their home. What needs repaired?

BEFORE YOU LIST…What must be updated in order to showcase your home’s space and best features?

As a licensed and insured local contractor, we can complete or advise of necessary repairs and updates to allow you to price your home aggressively. From major structural repairs (roofing, windows, doors) to minor cosmetic updates like carpentry or painting, we can handle it all quickly and professionally.

When looking at a home to purchase, concentrate on the features of the home that are impossible or expensive to change. Look for a home in a neighborhood that suits you, has an adequate yard for your needs and gives you the overall space that your family needs for the future. Changing paint colors and flooring styles are easy changes to make after the sale.

If you plan to purchase a home that has potential but needs updates to make it truly yours, we can help you with the necessary renovations and cost projections. From cosmetic updates such as paint and flooring to full-fledged kitchen remodels, our outstanding contractors are experienced and ready to make your dream home a reality.

As local realtors serving the Delaware, Maryland and Southeastern Pennsylvania home market our unique Concierge Home Services are tailored to the busy family who needs a knowledgeable professional to help you through the ENTIRE process.

Don't Let Your Home Sale Be A Burden!